Cultural or creepy?

Because you never really know.

A old Spanish man you chat very briefly with on the metro gets off at the same stop as you. He is walking ahead of you and glances back, noticing you are still behind him. He goes out of his way to come back to you, says nothing, and dives in for a kiss. “What is happening?”, you ask yourself as you get in sort of a karate position next to a wall. Then you stand there awkwardly as he says “un besito” and kisses you on the cheek. Then he waves, says “bye bye!” with a big smile, and walks away.

Cultural or creepy?

Your sweet host brother that you can’t really communicate with facebook messages you a google-translated message while he is sitting right next to you that says, “Beautiful girl, come sailing with me and then we’ll go to dinner on Saturday. Italian or pintxos?”

Cultural…I think

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