Freshman Year – Nutshell.

The end.

It’s almost 1:00 AM and I have studied my little heart out all day. I have two finals tomorrow, Biology and Psychology, and then I am officially no longer a freshman in college. This year has passed both fast and slow at the same time. Things that happened last semester seem like centuries ago, but I still feel like I should be a freshman. That’s the best way I know how to describe it. I feel like it’s only right to reminisce on some of the best/funniest nights of the past year.

– One worth mentioning would definitely have to be my first camping trip at ASU. I only knew a few people, and the few people that I knew knew a few people, so about 7 of us (Taylor Davis, Winston Walters, Bryant, Jaimie McGirt, Kristen Azarelo, Jonathan Wilson, Ben Kern…I may have forgotten one or two) decided, after it was already dark, that we wanted to go camping. Many of these people are my close friends now, and this proved to be one of our first and most chaotic bonding experiences. We gathered our supplies, which weren’t much, and headed to Trashcan Falls. I have since learned that it is illegal to camp at Trashcan Falls, but I guess that is irrelevant now. It had been raining all day, and when we got to the trail (a gravel pull-off on 321) we had to hike a very short way, maybe a quarter mile, to a spot where we had to cross over the top of a waterfall on a very sketchy wobbly rock/stump thing.

Our first mishap of the night occurred when Jonathan tried to throw his sleeping bag across the waterfall to Bryant, and when Bryant didn’t catch it ( I don’t know who to blame that on but Bryant still claims it was a bad toss, haha), it tumbled down the waterfall into the rushing river. You could say that the night went downhill from there. We set up our hammocks and tried to start a fire, but the wood was wet. So…we drove to the gas station and filled a nalgene with gasoline to “help” start our fire. The gas station had stuffed foxes and other rabid-looking animals on top of the shelves and a creepy old man sitting in a rocking chair smoking a pipe beside the counter. But anyways the gas worked. Until it started raining…So we had planned on sleeping in our hammocks and hadn’t brought and tents, or anything else to protect us from the rain for that matter. So we got to cross back over the sketchy, slippery rocks again, only this time in the rain and trying to carry all our water-logged gear. The boys took good care of the women, but it was still a little more treacherous than I think any of us hoped. The good news was that the lost sleeping bag was found a little down the river stuck on a rock, weighing about 20 pounds from soaking up so much water.

And that was my first camping experience in Boone. I don’t think I have done a great job telling this story, but just try to imagine all of us, hardly knowing eachother, having this crazy (stupid) night together. So many of my favorite memories here have been made while camping, but that was the first.

-Another fun night was when six of us decided to go to Charlotte on a random Tuesday night to Steve Fee and Charlie Hall play downtown. We planned to leave at 3 or something, but we had to stop at Walgreens to get an ipod hookup for JT’s truck, so of course that took an hour. Our plan was to drive to Bryant’s house, eat dinner, then drive downtown to see the concert and get back late that night. By the time we got to Bryant’s house, the concert was supposed to start in 15 minutes, so we inhaled our food and headed downtown. After driving around for 20 minutes, all of us extremely confused and frustrated because we didn’t know where to park and every street seemed to be one-way in the opposite direction of where we wanted to go, we finally found a place to park and sprinted a block or so towards the music we heard. I need to rewind a little bit – at the time of this concert we all had an obsession for the song “Glory to God Forever” by Steve Fee, we had even sang it around the campfire one night and recorded ourselves on Amber’s iphone, (I know, we’re cool) so naturally we were afraid we had missed jammin to our song live. When we got there, the church was packed and they had to get extra chairs for us to sit in in the back of the church. We had a great time, it was all so worth the drive and the sleep we didn’t get that night. After the concert, we met (creeped around until we found him) Steve Fee and played him our Glory to God Forever we had recorded on Amber’s iphone. He said we were “groovin”. haha 🙂 After that we all (all of us, Steve Fee, Charlie Hall, and few other groups of people from the concert) ended up at the same restaurant, Rock Bottom. Steve Fee ate one of Bryant’s quesadillas, which, of course, we talked about for weeks. SUCH a fun night.


Other things that stand out are…

-The night we were going to watch ASU play in Richmond, but on the way there we realized Washington D.C. was only another hour away, so we decided to go there instead. The picture below is of us in front of the Christmas tree at the White House.


– Going on roadtrips and stopping to run through fields.

We were trying to do the Dirty Dancing lift…


– Camping trips to Hawksbill


– Camping trips to Linville Gorge. In the picture below I had tried to sleep in my hammock, but I got too cold and ended up sleeping on a rock. This is the aftermath.


– Halloween: Residents of the 8 Mile trailer park.


– Passion 2010 in Atlanta, GA, where we had the priviledge of listening to Louie Giglio, Beth Moore, Francis Chan, John Piper, Andy Stanley, and listening to Hillsong United, Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, and more.


– 80’s and tacky skate nights.


– And ten feet of snow that lasted for five months…


It has been a great year, I couldn’t ask for more! SO Blessed!

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