Kentucky Derby

I have really been a slacker when it comes to posting real blogs! The original intent of this blog was to keep in touch with people while I was in Colorado last summer, and I feel as if it will return to that purpose when I spend next semester in Spain.

The end of my sophomore year at Appalachian wrapped up quite nicelyMy exams went well and I got to say goodbye to all the girls on my floor and give them best wishes for their summer. In hindsight, being an RA was the best job I’ve ever had (unless we count babysitting precious children). The girls on my floor, including and especially my roommate, were a joy to be around and I just loved them to death. The other RAs on my staff were always supportive and wonderful and my boss was a really inspiring lady.

As soon as my last resident checked out, I headed to Lake Hickory for a day full of sunshine, wakeboarding, and laughter with the Student Ambassadors – a day that I really loved.

Then came the Kentucky Derby. If you read my post about Bryant’s Christmas gift to me, you may remember that it included tickets to the famous horse race. I have always loved horses, grew up riding them and reading tons of ridiculous books about them, and was THRILLED that we were going. Let me just quickly sum up our experience using two pictures.





Expectation #1: Classiness.

Reality #1 – I’d say it rivals the infield at Talladega.

Expectation #2 – We will see the race.

Reality #2 – There were races all day and we worked very hard to see, in total, 10 seconds of horses running.

Expectation #3 – It will be fun. It won’t smell like marijuana, beer, and pee.

Reality #3 – It was not fun. It smelled like marijuana, beer, and pee.

I am so thankful that Bryant got me this gift – no sarcasm. Both of us just had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Bryant did find $20 on the ground, so we put $5 on a horse to place. We actually won, which was weird and unexpected, but we came out with a lot more money than we went in with. Anyways…don’t gamble, kids.

The next day, Dad, Gram and I drove to Nashville for Gram’s knee surgery. She had both knees replaced, which is an amazing medical procedure. Lots of medical procedures amaze me.  ”hmm…your knees hurt? Let’s just put some new ones in there.” Who in the world had the guts to try that one for the first time?! Very cool. I really enjoyed this trip. Obviously, I was not happy that Gram had to have her knees replaced, but I cherished time with her and with other family that came by. I even met a great uncle that I didn’t know I had.

Then to Edisto Island, SC with several friends from school – 5 days of relaxation, sunburns, seafood, and wonderful friends. I could not ask for more.


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