Snapshots of my Spanish life.

Last night just makes me laugh.

I was hanging out with Carmen (Spanish mom) and Gabriel (host brother) in the living room and we were just talking and watching TV.  I was trying to tell Carmen about my trip to Scotland when a James Bond commercial came on, so I attempted to tell her that I saw the hometown of Ian Fleming (creator of James Bond) while I was in Scotland. However, she didn’t know who Ian Fleming was and just assumed I was talking about Sean Connery (since he’s also Scottish?) , so then we just talked about how handsome Sean Connery is which led us to the subject of Cary Grant, who she loves and thinks is the most handsome man that ever lived. Actually, no matter what we are talking about, Carmen is good at somehow bringing the conversation back around to Cary Grant. We agreed that Cary Grant was handsome all the years of his life, as were Paul Newman and Sean Connery. Robert Redford, however, “got old and ugly,” she told me.

While all of this is going on, Gabriel never says a word and plays FIFA on his ipad, completely ignoring us. The night really starts getting good when Carmen turns the channel to a show that is kind of like American Idol, except Spanish, which automatically means it’s going to be weird. And weird it was – there were random cross-dressing people singing and judging the singing, but I couldn’t figure out who the singers were and who the judges were. When I asked my mom why they were dressed in drag, she replied “not drag, transvestites” as if it was the most normal thing in the world. What??? Also, the singers would walk into this tube/portal thing dressed normally and 5 seconds later would walk out of the other side looking totally different. For example, this little petite woman with black hair walked in and 5 seconds later she came out as Freddie Mercury, complete with yellow leather jacket, mustache, and a little curly wig. What?? How does this happen in five seconds? I still haven’t decided if I was more impressed or disturbed. Also the singers were horrible, but when I said so Gabriel finally piped up and said “No! He is doing fine,” and then went back to his FIFA until he and Carmen got into an argument about whether one man on the show was 40 or 60 years old.

When the show was over, Carmen told Gabriel and I that she was going to bed but that we should sit and chat a while. While she said this, she kept winking at me as if to insinuate that she really wanted us to sit and chat a while. But Gabriel just said, I’m going to bed,” and left. Sibling love! Carmen and I sat on the couch a while longer, agreeing that we were too comfortable to move, and then finally counted to 3, got up, and headed to our rooms. Famliy bonding at it’s best!

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