Spanish Life.

Maximo Aguirre


Boone, NC in October – one thing that I miss today.

I am about about 1/3 of the way through my time here in Spain and all the “glitter” and newness of the experience has settled into a rhythm. Don’t misinterpret that sentence – I am literally having the time of my life and love it here, I am just settled and familiar with my surroundings at this point. I think it’s about time I describe my life here.

I live with a Mexican woman named Carmen whom I estimate to be in her late 60’s. She has lived in Spain for decades and has six grown children and 12 grandchildren. She is feisty, talks my ear off, finishes my sentences, and cooks like a Basque Paula Dean/Mammaw Hutchins. A 19 year old Spanish boy named Gabriel also lives here as well as one of Carmen’s sons, Antonio. They are all wonderful. Carmen spoils me – she makes me a sandwich every day to take to school, does my laundry, and is always trying to feed me something delicious. When I come home for the night I usually find that she’s gone through my room and organized my things into neat little stacks on my desk or nightstand. She is precious.

A typical day in my life here: Wake up around 6:45, shower, inhale breakfast and run to catch the 7:35 bus (I often miss this bus and go on the 8:05) and ride about 30 minutes to the UPV campus. I have Spanish class every day from 8:45-10:40, and on Mondays and Wednesdays I have two classes in addition to my Spanish course: Basque and Iberian Culture and Global Economics. Global Econ is in downtown Bilbao, so I have to take a 30 minute bus or metro ride from one campus to the other. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays I only have one class, so I usually spend the day at the beach surfing or relaxing or surfing and then relaxing 🙂 Starting next week I’ll be teaching English as a foreign language in local high schools and volunteering at an Equestrian club.

I LOVE the USAC staff here. (My study abroad organization is called USAC) My Spanish teacher is a lady named Rosanna that I absolutely adore. She is anexcellent teacher and is gorgeous, hilarious, and fun. Without a doubt the best Spanish teacher I’ve ever had. All the staff members are the warmest, most helpful people that you could possibly imagine. They have an office in the same building our classes are held and I stop by every day to say hello and talk with them. I am so impressed by this program and would recommend it to anyone.

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