The Holiday.

It has been a wonderful Christmas break that is now drawing to a close. I have to be back in Boone to work at 9 AM on the 5th, so I’ll probably be heading up the night of the 4th to get settled.

I got the coolest and most thoughtful gift EVER from Bryant for Christmas. I had no idea what he was getting me. He is always very thoughtful, but he has really outdone himself this time.


“Madisson’s Bucket List” – something related to all of the items on my bucket list. A while ago I posted my bucket list on this blog, so if you saw that then this gift will make more sense to you.


A horse, a boat, “cottage home” books, a gardening book, travel books (one that has a “journey” through every country of the world!), an atlas, a Red Sox t-shirt, a Bible reading guide, southern living and horse magazines, and tickets to the Kentucky Derbyummmmmm. Greatest gift ever.

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