Why October really is the best month.

October is the best month.

Well I think the title says it all. October is just the best month. Allow me to tell you why.

Weekend 1: Charleston, SC

Bryant has family that live in Mount Pleasant, SC. If you don’t already know this, Mt. Pleasant is a neighboring city of Charleston – they’re connected by the big, beautiful, architecturally impressive Cooper River Bridge. We left Thursday afternoon looking super excited:


When we arrived we hit the beach:


I could sit and read and pretty much just lay on the beach in a semi-conscious state for hours on end, but Bryant is not much of a beach-sitter. He is pretty full of energy (understatement) and the water was too cold to get into, so our beach time was pretty short lived.

We spent the rest of the day exploring the College of Charleston campus and met Bryant’s aunt (Parker), uncle (Walter), cousin (Cade), and cousin’s girlfriend (Bess) for dinner at this nice place downtown called Basil. At Basil, I ate what was literally the best salad of my life. I could and would eat it for every meal for three months. I wouldn’t even want anything else. I don’t even know what it was or what was in it, but you should maybe drive to Charleston just to try this salad. Moving on…

Other highlights of the trip include:

-Spending all morning walking around downtown seeing one beautiful building after another. Most beautiful place ever (as far as the buildings go). There is just one gorgeous old house after another. It would take at least a week to take it all in. Not to mention the giant Oaks and spanish moss. Just a breathtaking place.

-CLAM DIGGING. When the tide goes out, there’s an old bridge that used to run from Mt. Pleasant to Sullivan’s Island where you can dig for clams. I am sure there are plenty of other places you can dig clams, but I am from Tennessee and therefore my clam digging knowledge is sparse. So Bryant and I worked hard to fill up a 5 gallon bucket with some nice juicy clams. We felt extremely cool througout this whole experience and made multiple comments about how we were “living off the land”. We were wayyy into it, so into it, in fact, that we collected 86 clams when we needed only 24 for our clam bake. A little overkill, but we were unstoppable! After hours of harvesting clams, cleaning clams, almost causing an explosion in Parker’s kitchen because we didn’t know how to use a gas stove, grocery shopping, and cooking (kind of), we finally created some delicious crab-stuffed mushrooms.


Seeing my chacos in the picture makes me remember that I left my chacos in Charleston…hmmmm

-Bryant’s cousin Cade took us out on their boat on Sunday afternoon. It was probably my favorite part of the trip. We went on some of the creeks (or whatever you call them) that ran inland and the boys caught a couple fish, a red and a flounder…


Go ahead and tell me that’s not the ugliest fish you’ve ever seen. Notice that both of it’s eyes are on one side of it’s head. After fishing near some docks, Cade took us out to the jettys about a mile offshore. On our way out there, we accidentally came upon a gigantic pod of dolphins. Cade said it was the biggest group he’d ever seen – there were at least a hundred of them and they were spread all around us in every direction. Some got as close as 10-20 feet from the boat. It was amazing – we killed the engine and just sat there watching them for a little while. I felt like I was in a movie. I wish I had a picture of this but I was so excited about it I forgot to get my camera out!

Our last fish of the day was a trout, which qualified our day of fishing as a “Lowcountry Grand Slam”…apparently when you get a red, flounder, and trout in the same day that’s what it’s called. So a successful day of fishing.


I am pretty sure I want to live in that area now. Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, John’s Island, etc. Something around there. I was IN LOVE and so sad when it was time to come back to Boone. Of course, App is great too 🙂 But 80 degrees in late October is hard to beat. I think I am officially a beach person.

Weekend 2: Today begins weekend 2! I am going home in a few hours to go to Elizabethton’s homecoming game and then celebrate Tbell’s 20th birthday, which is tomorrow. I can’t wait to see her, my family, and all my friends back at home. It’s going to be great!!

Weekend 3: Fall Break. Backpacking Grayson Highlands where wild ponies run free. Are all my wildest dreams coming true? I think so.

Weekend 4: Halloween…need I say more?

October is the best month.


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