Adventures in the World’s most powerful city.

This past weekend my dear friend Kaity and I surprised our boyfriends with a trip to Washington D.C. to see the Christmas decorations and catch a Josh Garrels show at Barracks Row Theatre. Because we aren’t the most talented secret-keepers in the world (coughKaitycough), the boys found out we were going to D.C., but their best guess as to what we were actually doing was a hot air balloon ride…way off.

We began our 6 hour drive at 10PM. Always an adventure to arrive at your destination at 4:00AM. Kaity’s family lives 40 minutes outside of the city so we stayed there and enjoyed her parents’ exceptional hospitality for the 48ish hours we were around.

Kaity and John were much better at playing it cool, but Bryant and I felt so “urban” riding the metro into the city. I may have ridden the metro to class every day during my semester in Spain, as well as navigated my way around on public transportation in cities everywhere from Atlanta to Milan, but I still get pumped about it. Our first attempt to disembark at the Federal Triangle was unsuccessful, however, as Bryant thought he left his phone in the seat and we didn’t get out before the doors shut, leaving us waving “byeeee” through the window as they (and everyone else) laughed at us from the platform. SoOoO urban!

The first place we took the boys was to the White House to check out the National Christmas Tree. Our freshman year, Bryant and I (plus three other friends) were driving to Richmond, VA in the pouring snow to watch App play football. When we realized we were only two hours away from D.C., we decided the football game didn’t matter and drove the extra two hours to see our nation’s capital dressed in its Christmas outfit with snow only adding to the fun. This is another story for another time, but that responsible decision included riding the wrong metro line for seventeen stops, walking all over the city at night in the FREEZING cold, parking my car in a ridiculously sketchy location, and finally getting lost and coming incredibly close to running out of gas in the ghetto when we tried to head back to Richmond. Needless to say, it was a great adventure, and going back to the Christmas tree brought back fun memories for Bryant and I.


Bryant and John are the best of friends, as are Kaity and I, so it was really the perfect group to enjoy this weekend with. Later that night, we went to dinner with Jaclyn, a sweet friend from IJM Headquarters that Kaity interned under this past summer. Then we headed to Barracks Row for an incredible documentary and show that was a collaboration between Josh Garrels and Mason Jar Music. Check out the link below for a two-minute trailer of the documentary. It was amazing.

Afterwards, all the people featured in the film came out to perform. The documentary + the gorgeous music + the company + the quaintness of Barracks Row theater made this an all-around amazing experience.


Monday morning we had the opportunity to visit IJM Headquarters and attend their daily corporate prayer. It was amazing and encouraging to witness a room full of people crying out to God on behalf of the oppressed, then going back to their offices and working directly with these issues. Gary Haugen, who is one of my heroes, led the time of prayer. It was crazy to be in a small setting with him because I’ll see him in a few short weeks at Passion 2013…speaking on a stage to 50,000+ students.

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