A Year in Review: 2012

I can be a pretty sentimental person. Yesterday as I sat around the breakfast table with my immediate family and my grandfather (Papaw), I asked everyone to name their top three best memories of 2012. It certainly wasn’t difficult for everyone to come up with three things, but we were all in agreement that it wasn’t our favorite year. Transitions are sometimes hard, busyness can take over our lives, money is a little tight, and we lost my Mammaw – holidays and Sunday afternoons are lacking without her. But this we all know – we are so blessed.

One thing I have learned well this year is that God seldom works in ways that are easy or comfortable. And I am thankful. Because the times when I’m stretched, challenged, overwhelmed, and weary are exactly when God molds me into the person he wants me to be. It is then that I really learn to trust Him and lean on Him. It is during those times that God is most glorified – because it’s just so clear that I can’t do anything without his strength and support holding me together.

By his grace I can take the hard road that leads to life. I can think on the sovereignty and goodness of God. Think on His promise that HE is able to work everything together into something beautiful. Yes, even this seemingly meaningless inconvenience might just be the hand of God at work to grow patience, kindness, and goodness in me…It’s complicated to reconcile a God who works through pain. It’s tough to trust in a Lord who allows suffering and inconvenience. It’d be a whole lot easier to mindlessly promise myself that Jesus always wants to make life easy, but I don’t think that’s how He works. If anything, Jesus uses dark colors when he paints. He’s into streams in the desert and life out of death. – 10th Ave. North “Overflow” Devo

This year I’ve done some incredible things.

  • Rang in the new year in Times Square, NYC with my brother and a million of my closest friends.
  • Visited a new continent.
  • Dug trenches in the Costa Rican rain forest.
  • Shook hands with Archbishop Desmond Tutu.
  • Chased giraffes through a South African field.
  • Co-founded an IJM campus chapter at App and pulled off (with lots of help) a 27 hour standing vigil to raise awareness for victims of violent oppression.
  • (Sort of ran) the Color Run – my first 5k.
  • Road tripped to D.C. & Jackson.
  • Chopped off a foot of my hair for locks of love.
  • Attended my first NASCAR race. #rebelyell #bristolbaby
  • Met Needtobreathe…twice…(stalker-fan.)
  • Driven all over Auburn’s campus in a white 15 passenger van yelling “Roll Tide” just because I can.
  • Driven 3 hours to see an 80’s cover band.
  • Started dating a wonderful man (again).
  • Watched Food, Inc. which essentially ruined my life.
  • Learned to love sushi.

Tonight I am at home with my family, enjoying a cozy night in after working all day. I may not even make it till midnight. Tomorrow, a new year begins. A new adventure. Tomorrow I head to Passion 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia. I fly straight from there to California to see San Francisco with Mom and visit friends from my semester abroad.

Here’s to a new year – a new start for those who need it, a new adventure for those who want it; just another day.

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