SoCal #1

To continue from my last post, Kristen and I went to sleep in Reno at about 3AM and woke up to catch our flight to LA at about 6AM. The sunset was gorgeous. Reno is surrounded by hills and mountains that were covered in snow and incredibly colorful as the sun made its appearance.


Maybe it was the lack of sleep, but I was an absolute rookie when it came to airport security, failing to have my laptop ready for screening, a full water bottle, and just a general lack of organization with all my coats/jackets/bags. Kristen waited on the other side and laughed at me while I struggled along and the TSA lady said, “Aw, is this your first time flying?” #amateurhour

One might say that we caused a scene on our short flight since our sleep-deprivation made us delirious and everything funny. So we hopped off the plane at LAX with our dreams and our cardigans, knowing it was the land of fame and excess and thinking WOAH are we gonna fit in? Then Grammy picked us up in her Honda Pilot and we headed for Burbank. My first impression of LA was a good one – I couldn’t believe how gorgeous it was. I guess I was expecting a concrete jungle, but was amazed at the amount of greenery. We drove about an hour and ended up at Nana and Papa’s house, Kristen’s paternal grandparents. Nana and Papa are originally from Egypt but have lived in California for years and years. They are fluent in Arabic, French, and English and have probably the best sense of humor I’ve ever seen for people of their age. Their house was on a hill with an awesome view of the surrounding area.

Nana and Papa let us borrow their car to explore SoCal for the next four days and explore we did. Our first day consisted of Hollywood Boulevard, where we did the star walk and stopped at Grauman’s Chinese Theater, where all the hand and foot prints of stars are. We didn’t know what Grauman’s Chinese Theater actually was, so we approached the young girl up front and said, “Hi, um, what is this?” Her reply – “Uhh, it’s the most famous theater…ever…”



We got out of there and headed to Universal Citywalk, where we rested our tired selves by seeing the worst movie ever at a really nice theater and just explored around like usual. One thing that cracked us up in a this-is-kinda-sad way was the foreign family with young children that we “met”. They couldn’t speak English, but we asked them to take our picture and they sweetly obliged. The funny part, the kids were wearing glittery glasses and hats with marijuana leaves all over them. I’m pretty sure they had no idea what they were, just thought they were pretty hats.

Day two was Disneyland, which we never would’ve been able to afford but Grammy + Nana & Papa, who are ever so generous, bought us tickets. We were absolute children the entire day. I screamed my guts out on every ride, mostly for fun and then out of sort-of genuine fear on Space Mountain, where I promised Kristen I’d keep my hands up the whole time but instead sat there screaming with T-Rex arms.

My favorite parts of the day were 1) Jedi Training and 2) The California Adventure. As a life-long Star Wars nerd, I cannot being to explain to you the joy I felt when I turned the corner and saw about 30 little kids in Jedi robes with little lightsabers about to fight Darth Vader. I literally ran to the front of the crowd of parents and started snapping pictures with my iPhone. Where was this when I was a child?


The California Adventure is a little car ride where you drive wimpy go carts on a set track. We made it fun by pretending we weren’t going five miles per hour and harassing seven year old boys who didn’t know how to react when we said, “Passin’ ya on the inside, sucka!!” as we “sped” past them.

Other favorites had to be Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones, and a pirate/irish pub band that we encountered in the New Orleans part of the park. It was a dang good day.


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