Many people give little thought to spiritual guidance until they face a major decision: whom to marry, which house to buy, where to go to school, what job to accept?  What these people really want is not guidance, in any Christian sense of the term.  They want “inside information” so they will know which door to choose.  They want to know beforehand which choice will lead to money, happiness, and success. 

A key test to know whether we really want God’s guidance is to ask, “How often do I seek God’s guidance when I’m not facing trouble or a difficult decision?”

A helpful way to learn to see guidance is at first to avoid seeking guidance for seeking external decisions like taking a job or whom to marry. Start by seeking guidance for the growth of your soul. Ask questions such as:

  • How do I become a more truthful person?
  • Whom do I know who can teach me to pray in a way that will nourish my soul?
  • What practices will enable me to live in joy continually?

– John Ortberg via Bryant Rogers